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# about us
Welcome to soundresque, a korean music rotation community. Entries are locked so you have to join and view them. We will upload any songs from random korean artists and we will try our best to bring you only the greatest music!

# rules

01. Join & Watch Us. Like we said, this community is friends locked, and only members have the privilege of accessing any media provided. You don't have to ask for permission to join, just go ahead! Also, it seems some new members have trouble viewing our entries, though they've joined the community. Please save yourselves (and us maintainers) the trouble and check the watch us when you're joining.

02. Commenting Is A Must. Leeching is a big NO so please don't be leechers. It only takes a second to comment. Please show some appreciation; it means the world to the uploaders. Plus, commenting provides as great feedback!

03. No Hotlinking Or Direct Linking. You absolutely cannot repost our links anywhere else. They are only for personal use. The uploaders took time out of their exciting lives to provide you guys with these links. If someone is interested or you really want to share something, tell them to come here!

04. Crediting Is A Must. If you absolutely must re-share any of our files (uploaded again yourselves) then please credit this community and/or the uploader. Remember! It took effort to find and share these files and absolutely do not direct link!

05. Making Requests. If you would like something uploaded or a dead link reuploaded then please head over to our Request Post and we'll do our best to help you! By the way, don't forget to check out our Masterlist to see what this community has to offer so far.

06. Support. If you like something you hear then please support the artists by purchasing their releases. They've worked hard to bring you great music! Buying from sites such as HanBooks actually count towards album sales in Korea.

# maintainers


# affiliates
# questions?
◆ Having trouble opening the .zip or .rar files? You most likely don't have the right program, but you can download both WinZip and WinRar for free.

◆ Wondering how to get the password for a locked entry? Click here for information.

◆ Why was I removed from the community? Once in a while we clean up the member list and if your livejournal isn't active and especially if you haven't been an active member by commenting at soundresque then you will be removed.

If there are any other questions you guys have, feel free to comment on any post and ask us.

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